How do I place an order?
Fill out the contact form or direct message on either BakeMeCrazyTreats Facebook page or b.a.k.e.m.e.c.r.a.z.y on Instagram advising of the following:
- Date cake is required 
- Size or number of people to feed
- Flavour
- Theme/Style, please look through images of our previous cakes to ensure that our style suits your requirements

How to Transport my cake?
If collecting your cake, carry the cake by the handles on the box or hold it underneath the box keeping it flat. 
Place the box on to the floor of the car, NOT on the seat, if the weather is warm put on the aircon to keep it cool.

How do I store my cake?
Once your cake has been delivered or you have taken possession of the cake, keep it in the box and stored on a flat surface in the fridge or somewhere very cool out of direct sunlight until its required.

Take the cake out of the fridge or cool place an hour before you intend to eat it to enable it to warm up to room temperature, this enables a tastier eating experience.